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Congratulations to Jeanell Carrigan for her passion, energy and insightful pianism, to David Kim-Boyle for excellent sound recordings, editing and mastering and to Wirripang for their endless enthusiasm and dedication. (Gwen Bennett, Music Trust, 2017)

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Congratulations to this publisher! The book is well presented in a good font size and in clear type which makes it immediately attractive and readable. Congratulations to Jeanell Carrigan whose research has provided us with an important book on the history and work of Australian Women composers.

Composing Against the Tide

Performing in both halves of the programme on piano was Jeanell Carrigan. Throughout the first half she accompanied with sensitivity and dexterity. Having mastered the accompaniment to the entire cycle for the concert, the last-minute change of soloists meant that she had to restudy the songs in different keys adjusting for the soprano and tenor ranges. You would never have known it! Ms Carrigan played with great lyricism and agility. She brought colour and verve to the starkness of text being sung. (Deen Hamaker. Soundslikesydney)

Concert review
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Overall, this is an enterprising disc, well performed and packaged, with informative program notes and repertoire diversity. The recorded sound is ambient and the CD typifies Jeanell Carrigan’s continuing dedication to the cause of Australian music. (David Bollard, The Music Trust, 2012)

Narratives and Detours
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Jeanell Carrigan is a passionate pianist. She seems to be able to harness that passion and find works by primarily Australian composers that deserve a thorough, active listening. Without her, a lot of good music would lie mouldering in the corner and never be discovered. Carrigan’s past work, for labels such as Wirripang and the Australian Music Centre  has showcased her taste for diversity and eclecticism in over a dozen released recordings. (Houston Dunleavy Music Trust)

A Little Variation
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. It has been recorded by Dr. Jeanell Carrigan, one of the most important figures in Australian music and one of the greatest proponents of the solo piano music of this country. This mood is embodied by Carrigan’s playing, which demonstrates a surety of touch, as well as a deep understanding of the natural contour of the music. (Samuel Bugeja, CutCommon, 2019)

The Voice of Love
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