Composing Against the Tide:


Australian Heritage Series Vol I:


Australian Heritage Series Vol II:


Australian Heritage Series Vol III:


Nostalgia CD:


Composers' Series:

Iris Vol I(a) piano solos:


Iris Vol I(b) piano duets:


Iris Vol (c) chamber music:


Kitty Vol III (a) piano solos:


Grotesque CD:


Piano Music of Meta Overman CD:


Piano solos

Meta Vol I:


Meta Vol II:


Meta Vol III:


Meta Vol IV:


Sonata for Clarinet:


Sonata for Viola:


Sonata I for Flute:


Sonata II for Flute:


Two Pianos Vol I:


Two Pianos Vol II:




Aulos Australis:


Letters for a Black Snake:




Voice of Love:

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